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Job Code PA-652
Job Name AEM Admin
Number of openings 1
Start date 2016-07-01
End date 2016-07-15
Description AEM Configuration & Administration Platform Analyst (Adobe AEM 6.1)– Flexible staffing model Configure AEM to support new tenants (includes dispatcher, directories, IHS redirect rules, OSGI setup, User Administration, Capacity Analysis and Security Analysis, Log monitoring, etc.) Coordinate changes with Shadow Sessions in Data Center SQL Database script review and submission for setup; data connection setup and periodic password change support AEM JCR Maintenance and cleanup Cache clears for web dispatcher and Akamai Opportunities to implement automation Document setup and change controls Availability for support on weekends and evenings; SLA M-F and ability to support on call needs Test of system Monitor and communicate capacity utilization trends (Global Campaign stack). Manage send email setup and process Manage user access requests.
Country US
Location Lowell, NC
Skillset AEM Configuration & Administration Platform Analyst
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